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Timeline of Foreign Labor Application Gateway Enhancements

The Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) is working on additional enhancements to the Foreign Labor Application Gateway (FLAG) system. OFLC has solicited customer feedback from stakeholders, reviewed helpdesk tickets, and monitored the OFLC analysts’ experience working cases since the implementation of FLAG in January 2019.

Based on this input, OFLC has identified a number of enhancements to improve the employers', and their representatives', case management experience, State Workforce Agency communication with OFLC analysts, and OFLC analysts’ case processing experience. The timeline below is a summary of FLAG enhancements specifically identified to improve the external filers' experience. Please note the timeline is for informational purposes only and is not an exact schedule for FLAG updates.


October 2020 - March 2021
Update FLAG Cases Table

Updates to include reorganization of employer submitted applications by ETA Form, provide direct access to case documents and additional filtering options

Update FLAG website content

Provide additional options to navigate FLAG website and access to OFLC video tutorials and resources; e.g., Foreign Labor Recruiters list, Debarment List, State Workforce Agency contacts

Improve Data Entry on Form ETA-790/790A Addendum C

Update collection and organization of data entered on Form ETA-790A Addendum C

Expand Roles in Employer Networks

Expands options for employer network role and network member management

Include Additional Case Actions for various forms

Allow additional case actions for various ETA Forms to be completed in FLAG; e.g., submit responses to Requests for Information on Form ETA-9141C

FLAG Form Updates

Minor enhancements to improve linkages between forms and pre-fill sections with data from profiles

April 2021 - September 2021
Implement New Form ETA-9141

Update FLAG with new Form ETA-9141, and implement case reuse and new case actions

Improve management of worksites on Form ETA-9142B Appendix A

Improve management of employer worksites and improve internal validation

Allow File Uploads to complete data entry

Add ability to use and upload a file to complete data entry for Employer Profiles, and Form ETA-9142B Appendix A and Form ETA-790A Addendums

Update SeasonalJobs Website

Updates to include ability to save custom searches and receive alerts when matching jobs are posted to the website and submit comments and questions through a Customer Contact form

Create relationships between profiles

Add the ability to create relationships between profiles (e.g., link a Crop profile to an Agricultural Business profile)

Establish Messaging Center in FLAG

Add message inbox for real-time communication from OFLC