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Foreign Labor Application Gateway

This newly-modernized portal will help U.S. employers find qualified workers while ensuring protections for U.S. and foreign workers.


The Foreign Labor Application Gateway (FLAG) is a cloud-based portal designed to replace OFLC's current iCERT System and will serve as the new application filing and case management solution for all foreign labor certification programs. Enhancements will include:

User Accounts

Form Preparation

Case Alerts

Improved Access
to OFLC Decisions

Create Your Account Today

Register your authenticated account to begin familiarizing yourself with the new portal. Note: Early access is available for orientation purposes only. Filing capabilities are not yet available through FLAG.

What's Coming Soon...

January - March 2019

  • FLAG Registration and Beta

    Ability to create your account and explore the future-state FLAG portal without the ability to file applications.

  • CW-1 filing in FLAG

    Ability to file applications electronically for the new CW-1 visa program only.

April - June 2019

  • H-2B and Prevailing Wage filing in FLAG

    Ability to file Prevailing Wage applications (e.g., ETA-9141) and new OMB-approved H-2B applications (e.g., ETA-9142B).

  • H-2A filing in FLAG

    Ability to file new OMB-approved applications electronically for H-2A program (e.g., ETA-9142A).

July - September 2019

  • H-1B filing in FLAG

    Ability to file applications electronically for H-1B, H-1B1, and E-3 programs (e.g., ETA-9035).

October - December 2019

Disclaimer: Schedule is estimated and may be subject to change. Timeline above not to scale.